Declining purchase orders

Once a purchase order is declined it can be amended again, but cannot be printed or sent, it needs to be approved again to be able to do this.

Note that the system will never automatically decline a purchase order.

Declining a purchase order

Watch this video to see how to decline a purchase order or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Orders / Purchase Orders / Approve Purchase Order.

Enter the list parameters

  1. If you wish to only list purchase orders made to a specific creditor, enter (or select) the appropriate creditor account number in the Account text box.
  2. Select the location that you want to list purchase orders for from the Location dropdown list.

Generate the list

  1. Click the Accept button.

Decline the purchase order

  1. Select the appropriate purchase order and click the Decline button.

Print the list

This step is optional.
  1. Click the Print button.
  2. Specify the print options.
  3. Click the OK button. 
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