Changing the description of items on documents

What settings need to be enabled for this to work?

You can only edit the description of non-stock items and stock items that have a Variable Description.

You can set an item to have a variable description by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Inventory / Stock Maintenance.
  2. Call up the relevant stock item.
  3. Change the entry in Var Descr to Y.
  4. Click the Accept button to save the change.

Changing the description of items on a document

Watch this video to see how to change the description of items on documents or follow the steps below it.

This part of the guide assumes that you are already working in the required document window.
  1. Select the appropriate line item.
  2. Click the Description button.
  3. Enter the new description. You will see that the Item text box towards the bottom of the window shows the input.
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