Adding groups to documents

Groups are used on documents when you want multiple line items to be grouped into a single one, either for printing purposes, or to assign a specific price to the entire bundle of items. This will make more sense when we look at the steps later in this guide.

This guide assumes that you are already working in the required document window.

How do I group line items?

Watch this video to see how to add groups to documents or follow the steps below it.

Assign items to groups

The first step is to group the line items on the document into different groups. You do this by entering a group number for each line item in the GR column. For example, all line items that should be grouped into one group might get a 1 in this column, and all line items that should be grouped into another group might get a 2 in this column.

This step is meant to logically separate the line items into their respective groups.

Enter the group details

The next step is to specify the group details, such as the group description, and some additional pricing details, if that were required.

Open the appropriate window

  1. Click the Group Descr button.

Enter the required details

  1. Enter the group description for the appropriate group in the DESCRIPTION column.
  2. Enter the group quantity in the QUANTITY column.
  3. Enter the group unit price in the UNIT PRICE column.
  4. Enter the group total excluding VAT in the TOTAL EXCL column.
  5. Enter the group total including VAT in the TOTAL INCL column. 
Changing the Quantity, Unit Price, Total Excluding, or Total Including amounts for a group will result in the amounts for the individual items to be adjusted so that the sum of the individual items will equal the group total.

Save the group

  1. Click the Accept button.

What printing options do I have with regard to groups?

When you are at the Printing Options menu, and you have included groups on your document, you will have the following print options:

  • Print Group Totals - This prints the individual line items but only shows the total pricing for the group.
  • Print Group Descriptions - This prints only the groups with their total pricing.
  • Print Group Descriptions and Specifications - This prints the groups with their total pricing, but also lists the individual line item descriptions and their quantities that make up one unit of that group.
  • Print Group Descriptions and Detail Specifications - This prints the groups with their total pricing, but also lists the individual line items and their quantities that the group consists of.
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