Viewing a balance sheet

Watch this video to see how to view a balance sheet or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to LedgerReportsIncome Statement/Balance Sheet.
  2. Click the Balance Sheet tab.

Enter the report parameters

  1. Select the appropriate financial year from the Year dropdown list.
  2. Select the appropriate period from the Period dropdown list.
  3. Select the appropriate report definition from the Statement dropdown list.
  4. Enter the date to which the balance sheet applies in the Date text box.
  5. If you want undeposited cheques to be included in the figures, tick the Include Undeposited Cheques checkbox.
  6. If you want undeposited payments to be included in the figures, tick the Include Undeposited Payments checkbox.
  7. If you want accounts with zero amounts to be included in the report, tick the Include Zero Accounts checkbox.
  8. If you want the balance sheet to be generated in summarised form, tick the Summary Only checkbox.
  9. Select either the Last Year YTD or Last Year Period option.

Generate the report

  1. Click the Accept button.

Print the report

This step is optional.
  1. Click the Print button.
  2. Specify the print options.
  3. Click the OK button.
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