Deleting customers

There is only one way to delete customers in Fincon Accounting and that is in the Delete Codes/Accounts/Item Numbers window which is explained later in this guide.

Fincon Accounting allows you to delete a customer when there is no reference of it on the system in the current financial year, in other words, the customer is not present on any transactions within the current financial year.

"Current Financial Year" in this context means period 1 to 24 in the "Current" year.

When you delete customers you will be able to recall them if you have not reindexed and packed the data files. The customer will remain on the system until you complete the process by reindexing and packing the data files.

Deleting customers

Watch this video to see how to delete a customer or follow the steps below it.

Note that you will only be able to delete customers if no other users are querying any database tables.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to System System Maintenance / Delete Codes/Accounts/Item Numbers.

Enter the item search parameters

  1. Select the Account Numbers option from the Delete Type group.
  2. Select debtor accounts from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter the search terms in the Positioning Value From and Positioning Value To text boxes.

Generate the list

  1. Click the Accept button.

Delete the account

  1. Select the appropriate account.
  2. Click the Delete button.
You can choose to delete all customers listed by clicking the Delete All button at the right of the screen.

Reindex and pack data files

This process will completely remove the customers from Fincon Accounting and will only work if no other users are querying any database tables.

The easiest way to ensure this is to have all users close their Fincon Accounting applications.
  1. Navigate to System / System Maintenance / Reindex Files.
  2. Check the Accounts Master File and Pack Data Files checkboxes.
  3. Click the Accept button.
  4. Wait for the process to finish running. You will know it’s done when there is no progress being displayed at the bottom of the window, and the Accept button is no longer greyed out.
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