There are two kinds of CRO's that can be created in Fincon Accounting, namely a workshop job or a support call.

A normal CRO or workshop job is used when dealing with physical stock items from the beginning, a support call is used for instances where physical stock is not always involved.

The typical lifecycle of a workshop job is as follows:

  1. The CRO is created.
  2. A quotation is created, (if necessary).
  3. The item is repaired or swopped.
  4. Parts are transferred to the CRO, (if necessary).
  5. Service charges are added to the CRO, (if necessary).
  6. The CRO is marked as complete.
  7. The CRO is approved, (if necessary).
  8. The CRO is invoiced.
  9. The CRO is marked as fetched.
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