Creating sales reps


The minimum required information to create a sales representative is a rep code and a name, the rest of the information is optional, but we recommend completing the sales representative's information as thoroughly as possible.

Step-by-step Guide

Watch this video to see how to create a sales representative or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Inventory / Sales Reps / Sales Rep Maintenance.

Create the new rep code

  1. Enter a code for the new sales representative in the Rep Code text box and press Enter.
  2. Check that the following message box appears: The rep code does not exist – do you want to create it?
  3. Click the Yes button.
  4. Enter a name for the sales rep in the Name text box.

Enter the sales representative's personal details

  1. Enter the sales representative’s full name, address and telephone number in the Full Name, Address and Telephone Number text boxes.

Enter the account details linked to the sales representative

  1. Enter the ledger sales account to be credited with sales in the Sales Account text box if it has to be different than the default account.
  2. Enter the ledger cost account to be debited with the cost of sales in the Cost Account text box, if it has to be different than the default account.
  3. Enter Y in the Use Account text box to use the sales rep’s sales and cost accounts when processing invoices and credit notes.
The accounts specified here will be used for transactions depending on how the Use Accounts company parameter has been set up.

If you want the accounts to be used per rep code and not per stock code do the following:
  1. Navigate to System / Company Parameters.
  2. Click on the Global Settings tab.
  3. Enter R in the Use Accounts text box.
  4. Click the Accept button.
  5. Check that the following message box appears: The company parameters have been updated successfully.
It is not recommended to switch between using the accounts per rep code or stock code during the month as this will affect your income statement negatively. Preferably do it at month-end.

Enter the department and target details

  1. Enter the sales rep’s department code in the Department text box, if applicable.
  2. Enter the sales representative’s sales target per period in the Sales Target text box, if applicable.
  3. Enter the sales representative’s gross profit target per period in the Gross Profit Target, if applicable.

Activate and save the new sales representative

  1. Enter Y or N in the Active text box to specify whether the rep code is active or not.
  2. Click the Accept button.
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