Editing a bank transfer

Editing a bank transfer

Watch this video to see how to edit a bank transfer or follow the steps below it.

A bank transfer can be amended as many times as needed before it has been reconciled. If it has been reconciled you will no longer be able to amend it until the reconciliation is reversed. See this guide to see how to do this.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Ledger / Bank Transfers / Amend Bank Transfer.

Call up the appropriate bank transfer

  1. Enter (or select) the appropriate transfer number in the Transfer No text box.

Make the required changes

  1. Any field with black text can be edited depending on how you set your active text in the Customize window.
  2. You can delete a transfer by clicking on the relevant transfer in the ACCOUNT column and pressing Delete on your keyboard.
  3. Similarly, you can insert a new line for a new transfer before an existing line item by selecting that line and pressing Insert on your keyboard.
  4. You can unallocate transfers by clicking on the relevant entry in the OUTSTANDING column and pressing F3.

Save the changes

  1. Click the Accept button.
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