Reversing a buy-out

Watch this video to see how to reverse a buy-out or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Creditors / Buy-outs / Enter Buy-out.

Enter the general details

  1. Enter (or select) the appropriate supplier account in the Account text box.
  2. Enter the date of the buy-out in the Date text box.

Enter the buy-out line items

  1. Enter the description of the line items in the DESCRIPTION column.
  2. Enter the supplier invoice number(s) of the line items in the SUPPL INV column.
  3. Enter the total excluding amounts, (the negative amount) of the line items in the TOTAL EXCL column, or the total including amounts, (the negative amount) in the TOTAL INCL column.
  4. Enter (or select) the appropriate tax codes of the line items in the CODE column.
When entering the same invoice number used to create the original buy-out the following message box will appear: WARNING: The supplier invoice number was used on Buy-out [number]. Click the OK button.

Reverse the buy-out

  1. Click the Accept button.
  2. Specify the print options and click OK, or click the Cancel button to close the window without printing.
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