Performing a month-end rollover

It's important to do a month-end rollover because Fincon Accounting is a period-based system, which means that every period, (normally a month) needs to be closed off and rolled over into the next one.

This procedure requires all tills to be closed, and everyone to be logged out of Fincon Accounting, except for the user performing the month-end.

Watch this video to see how to perform a month-end rollover or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Ledger / Ledger Maintenance / Ledger Period End.

Perform the roll-over

  1. Select the kind of month-end you wish to run in the Period End Type group.
  2. Enter I am SURE in the corresponding text box.
  3. Click the Accept button.
  4. If a Verify Exchange Rates window opens, please verify that the exchange rates are as desired before clicking the Accept button to continue.
  5. Wait for the month-end process to finish running.
  6. Once the confirmation window opens, click the OK button to close it.
You can either perform a complete month-end rollover by selecting All from the Period End Type group or Debtors, Creditors, and Ledger individually.

Please note that if you choose to roll Debtors, Creditors, and Ledger over individually, they can only be done in that order. That is to say, creditors can't be rolled over before debtors, and so forth.

If you have rolled over and realise you still need to finalise something in the previous period you will be able to go back, but only if you haven't done anything in the system in the new period. Just enter the previous period in the New Period text box. 
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