Reversing a bank deposit

You have to have exclusive entry to any window that pertains to receipts or bank deposits before you will be able to reverse a bank deposit.

Navigate to the correct window

Watch this video to see how to reverse a bank deposit or follow the steps below it.

  1. Navigate to System / System Maintenance / Reverse Bank Deposits.

Call up the appropriate deposit

  1. Enter the relevant deposit reference in the Deposit Reference text box.
  2. Select the appropriate period from the Period dropdown list.

Generate the list of entries

  1. Click the Accept button.

Reverse the deposit

  1. Click the Reverse button.
  2. Check that the following message box appears: Are you sure you want to reverse this deposit?

  3. Click the Yes button.

  4. Check that the following message box appears: The deposit has been reversed successfully.
  5. Click the OK button.
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