Creating a user account

In order to use Fincon Accounting, you need to log in using a username and password. User accounts allow Fincon Accounting to do the following:

  • Restrict the functionality and accessibility that specific individuals have access to.
  • Log transactions that were made, against the user that made them – based on who was logged in at the time.

Naturally, before a user account can be used, it has to be created. This guide will show you the steps required to create a user account.

We provide a default user, PASSME, in order for you to log in without a password after you have completed the Fincon Accounting installation. You can delete this user once you have created new users and given them rights to the functionality and accessibility you deem fit.

Do not delete the PASSME user before you have created new users and given them rights to your desired functionality and accessibility.

Refer to this guide on how to delete a user account.

Watch this video to see how to create a user account or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to System / Users and Passwords.

Create the username

  1. Enter a username in the User text box and press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Check that a confirmation window has appeared with the following message: User not found! Do you want to create the user?
  3. Click the Yes button.
  4. Enter a password (if desired) in the Password text box.
  5. Enter the number of days you want the password to be active for, before it will expire, in the Password Expiry Days text box.
  6. Click the Accept button.
A maximum of 8 characters can be used for a user's password. If you do not want the password to have an expiry date, please keep the number as zero.

Assign the desired permissions to the user, using one of three possible steps:

  • Ticking the checkbox of each permission individually.
  • Click on the Enable All button if you want to assign all possible permissions to the user.
  • Copy an existing user's permissions by clicking on the Import Rights button, selecting the applicable user from the list and pressing Enter. All the permissions of the selected user will be copied to the newly created user.
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