Setting up a sales report definition

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to System / Report Definition / Sales Report Definition.

Call up the appropriate sales report

  1. Enter (or select) the appropriate sales report definition name in the Name text box.
Sales reports can be limited to selected stock item numbers, accounts, stock categories, rep code, area codes, account categories and debtor terms. To facilitate this, the required numbers and codes must be selected and saved for reference by the Sales Report,  Sales Analysis and Sales Summary functions.

Select the appropriate numbers and codes

  1. Double click on the appropriate names, numbers and codes under the relevant tabs in the Available list.
All the available numbers and codes are displayed in the Available list. To select a number or code for printing, double-click on it or select the required value and press ENTER. The value will be moved to the Selected list. The same procedure applies for deselecting any values.

Save the definition

  1. Click the Accept button.
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