Editing purchase orders

A purchase order can be edited when it has not been approved yet, if it has been approved and you want to make changes - you need to decline it first.

This is assuming that your system has purchase order approval enabled.

Read this guide on how to approve a purchase order.

It is also important to know that once a purchase order has been partially delivered, you will not be able to edit the purchase order unless you have the user right to do so.

Follow these steps to enable the user right:

  1. Navigate to System Users and Passwords.
  2. Click on the Other tab.
  3. Enable the Amend Partially Delivered P/Orders user right.
  4. Click the Accept button.

When this user right is enabled you will be able to edit the purchase order, but not anything relating to what has already been received as this will not show on the Amend Purchase Order window.

It is however not recommended to edit a purchase order that has been partially delivered.

What changes can be made?

  • Change the dates of the purchase order.
  • Change the supplier reference.
  • Add or remove comments.
  • Remove items from the purchase order.
  • Add items to the purchase order.
  • Edit existing item details like quantities.
  • Edit item descriptions.
  • Edit item descriptions.

Editing a purchase order

Watch this video to see how to edit a purchase order or follow the steps below it.

Navigate to the correct window

  1. Navigate to Orders Purchase Orders / Amend Purchase Order.  

Call up the appropriate purchase order

  1. Enter (or select) the appropriate purchase order number in the Order Number text box.

Edit the purchase order

  1. Make the desired changes.
Refer to the What changes can be made? section to see what kind of changes can be made.

Save the changes

  1. Click the Accept button.
  2. Change the required information on the Enter Message window and click the Accept button.
  3. Specify the Print Options and click the OK button to print the document, otherwise, click the Cancel button.

What additional features are there when editing a purchase order?

You can click the links below to learn more about these features.


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