Connecting the Fincon Accounting Client application to the server

This option is only available after a fresh installation of Fincon Accounting.

Follow these steps to connect the Fincon Accounting Client application to the server:

  1. Navigate to where the Fincon Client application was installed to or use the application list under the Start Menu to find Fincon5.
  2. Open Fincon Accounting.
  3. Check the Existing Dataset checkbox.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Click the Browse button.
  6. Navigate to the shared Findata folder on the Server computer.
  7. Select the FINCON.CFG file.
  8. Click the Open button.
  9. Click the Next button.
  10. Check that the following message box has appeared: Setup completed successfully.
  11. Click the OK button.
What’s next?

Make sure that Fincon Accounting is installed on all the workstations, then you can move on to registering your software.
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