Installing Fincon Accounting on the server computer

In order to use Fincon Accounting, you need to install the Fincon Accounting server and Fincon Accounting client applications on a server computer.

What is the server computer?

The server computer is the computer on which all of the Fincon Accounting information is stored. The Fincon Accounting client applications communicate with the Fincon Accounting server application, requesting information and sending updated information back.
Is it possible for a computer to act as both the server computer and a workstation computer?

It definitely is. In fact, the server computer can be treated as a workstation computer as well, because it has the Fincon Accounting client application installed on it.

After installing the Fincon Accounting applications, there are just a few additional things that you need to do before you can get started.


  1. Download the Fincon Accounting installation files.
  2. Install the Fincon Accounting Server application.
  3. Install the Fincon Accounting Client application.


  1. Create the Fincon Accounting database.
  2. Enable the Fincon Accounting dataset to be shared.
  3. Allow the Fincon Accounting Server application through the Windows Defender Firewall.
  4. Set the Fincon Accounting server application as an exclusion on all anti-virus software.
Not sure how to do step 4?

Consult the documentation of your anti-virus software to find out how to do this.
What’s next?

After the server computer has been set up, the next step is to set up the workstation computers.


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