Installing Fincon Accounting on workstation computers

In order to use Fincon Accounting, you need to install the Fincon Accounting client application on each workstation computer.

What are workstation computers?

The workstation computers are the computers that people use to actually work on Fincon Accounting. These computers run the Fincon Accounting client applications, which includes the front-end user interface that users use to interact with Fincon Accounting.

After installing the Fincon Accounting applications, there are just a few additional things that you need to do before you can get started.


  1. Download the Fincon Accounting installation files.
  2. Install the Fincon Accounting client application.


  1. Connect the Fincon Accounting client application to the server.
What’s next?

Now that you’ve got Fincon Accounting up and running, it’s a good time to register your software.


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