Getting started with Fincon Accounting

We know that moving over to a new accounting and stock control system is intimidating at best, but it doesn’t have to be. With Fincon Accounting, we’d like to get you up and running quickly, effectively, and with little to no headaches and stress. By following the steps below, you will be up and running on Fincon Accounting in no time.

Step 1: Install Fincon Accounting

The installation process includes the following:

  1. Installing and setting Fincon Accounting up on the server computer.
  2. Installing and setting Fincon Accounting up on the workstation computers.

Step 2: Register your software

After you have successfully installed Fincon Accounting, the first thing you should do is to register your software.

Step 3: Perform the take-on routines

Take-on routines refer to the steps to create the necessary inventory items and accounts, and to bring in the opening quantities and balances.

What if I have no opening figures?
Please refer to this guide, in that case.
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